Action and dynamic shoots is our expertise. You focus on winning and we do everything else
We have experience in a wide variety of sports: American football, speed boat racing, Formula 1 racing, tennis, yoga, elephant polo, surfing. You name the sport, we are ready to explore!
Coverage of events and competitions
Our experienced team has covered global elite competitions such as Americas Cup, world's biggest sailing competition, Volvo Ocean Race, Formula 1, Rc44, Extreme sailing series and others. Our team also worked with the Sports Illustrated magazine on International surfing competition in Portugal and India. We became the official media team for the first ever American football competition in India.
Team and event promo videos and photos
Team member portfolio, materials for sponsorship, PR materials, social media content.
We worked as onboard reporters and media crew for such teams as the Gazprom Sailing Team, Skolkovo Sailing Club, Synergy, Jindal Horse Polo team, Team Italia, Youth Sailing Project, Women Only team and more
Website development
We create the home base for your team where you can tell your team history, provide competition calendar and showcase team achievements.
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